Are you an apple or an android? 

The battle continues… 

Ok as everyone knows there are 2 current operating systems for our Devices (most popular anyway) and there Apple and Android.. 

For years I have been a dedicated Apple fan, brought all the iPhone series right from the iPhone 4 to the 6s,recently I decided to go a little rogue and try out android after about odd my friends and family use this, I really didn’t think I could get away from Apple after being stuck a fanatic. Anyway I decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone and Wow who knew how restricted we all are with apple it was like its either apples way or no way! Android is so customizable from themes to wallpapers to dial pads, and messaging fonts the list really does go on.. Based on my experience so far.. I’m definitely an android convert well done Google 😁 I know this will look to be quite a biased post but this is purely my personal opinion, let’s see some facts to back me up-

  • Android charges faster 
  • Android has customizable widgets, home screens and apps 
  • Android doesn’t have as many regular updates (I see this as a good thing) 
  • Don’t pay for things like premium ringtones
  • Currently more apps then Apple App store 
  • Different designs to the handsets
  • Very responsive operating system
  • Battery life appears better 

Overall my experience was enjoyable. The iPhone 6S is a great phone, and I recommend it to almost everyone. The camera is top-notch, the phone runs smoothly and the operating system is easy to navigate.

But in the end I won’t be sticking with it. Android is more of a natural fit for me. I’m more efficient on my Android device and I love the deep Google integration. I also like that I can make my device look and feel unique with custom icons, launchers, widgets and home screens.



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