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Welcome all to MouthBlox – here we sure are a Mouthy bunch! But putting that behind us.. we sure do love a good old Blog .. well Daily! We blog about everything that matters, and things that are pure Boredom busters! So whatever your into where sure our MouthyB team can please you all.. We also handpick our very top, fresh content daily bringing our readers some of the best Epic, Funny, Interesting, MoneySaving and crazy blogs…

Made in Wales – OK, we’ll admit it now (as we love being upfront) where Welsh *Drum Roll* hidden in the Lovely, Welsh Valleys lies MouthBlox HQ, we are going to take the Blogging World by storm.. and poach as many of you fantastic readers as possible!

Might we Add we LOVE hearing from our readers, the good,bad and the ugly – where definitely mouthy enough to take it on the chin we want to know what you think of us, we want to appeal to our readers and we really want our content stretching to people far and wide.. Some bloggs are SOOO (Boring, I mean Specific) we want to break the mould, and appeal to all, I know we aren’t going to be to everyone’s liking, but we certainly are going to try..

Heads Up- Our admin department will post all our blogs signed under MouthyB this is our little signature (if you like) to all our work, so when you see its signed by MouthyB you know its the real deal!

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